Welcome to Dear Khwaish

Questions are the beginning of all knowledge… and thoughts are the vehicle through which these questions are answered. Many of these questions remain unanswered for a long time, resulting in lingering thoughts and emotions. I believe its in these lingering emotions that wishes are made. In this absence of security, we wish for things to provide us comfort.

In Hindi, khwaish means wish. This website is simply acknowledging my lingering thoughts… to express my wishes of persisting emotions. So join me, in a journey of chaotic thoughts and exciting feelings. Then later, pick a journal, a pen, and your favorite brew of tea. Begin to acknowledge your wishes through pen and paper. Start with dear khwaish…..

Who is Adhya Khare?

Surfer, writer, book-lover, blogger, Netflix binge-watcher, and more….. but most importantly I am a dreamer. Hi, I’m Adhya. My mind wanders, leaving this universe for utopia. Being a teen, I haven’t seen much of the world yet. My years are nothing compared to some, but my knowledge speaks more than my age. Books are experiences created by various minds. Movies give insight on what can be. Shows create connections unknowingly. I live through the characters made by words. Their hardships, joy, and adventures become mine. Mine to learn from, mine to cherish, mine to explore. How many books I have consumed…. I do not know, but the knowledge I have received from them is limitless. My dreams take me places my body cannot. My dreams let me live infinite lives in a finite life.