where do not mind waiting?

I looked at the door again. I wasn’t looking because I was anxious, but merely to check. I looked around at the posters hanging near the concessions stand. My heart choosing future movies I wanted to watch; my brain checked my schedule and made a checklist.
Charlie’s Angels was a definite. I had already decided to watch that one with my friends later. Joker was one to find hard company for. Almost everyone had watched it already. Bala was a Hindi movie my parents would definitely want to watch. I went around the room, judging each movie solely by the poster hung for it.

After five minutes had passed by, I gave one wry glance to the door and went to the concessions stand. I bought a my ticket, a medium popcorn, and a small Sprite soda. I didn’t look at the door as I entered the theater room.

I went to my seat, got comfortable, and previewed the trailers. My heart and brain working together again to add to the checklist. Yes! That one seems like the perfect thriller. Ew. Never watching that one. Please, please. Ugh. I shouldn’t have to wait that long for that one. Why couldn’t it come out sooner? Hmm, maybe. I think I will have to use my brain for that one. Oohh. They was an article on that one; it said the movie was going to be nominated for an Oscar.

Everyone beside me had their phones out which reminded me to shut mine off. As the lights dimmed, I settled deeper into my seat.

A few minutes into the movie, someone slid into the empty seat next to me. “Sorry. Meeting ran late. Hope you didn’t wait long.”

I smiled at him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Don’t worry, it’s not waiting if I’m in a theater.”

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