morning after

I was shivering.

I slowly opened my eyes. The clock on my nightstand blinked 4:03 AM in front of me. I was on my side, both arms stretched on the bed in front of me. I looked down to see everything bare. My two buds had stood up because of the cold.

You shifted beside me. The arm under my head tensed and then relaxed. The one around my waist tightened. You snuggled your bare chest into my back, and the hair on your legs tickled mine.

I wanted to turn around and look at you, but I knew any movement on my part would render you awake. I felt myself sigh and began to rub my legs together to get a little warmer.

You groaned into my ear and slowly unfurled your body. I instantly became a lot colder. Rolling to my other side, I saw you place your palm near your mouth as you yawned. You reached to your side and pulled the blanket over us, using your legs and hands to make sure we were both covered. Then, you laid your hand out near my head again. When I didn’t make a move to come closer, you opened one eye at me, posing a silent question. I curled up into your chest, and you smiled as we both fell asleep.

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